Postpartum Doula

Imagine a postpartum period where you feel pampered, rested, and bonded with baby all while having dinner and laundry done....does it seem like a dream?  When you hire a postpartum doula, you can achieve those goals.  As your postpartum doula, my role is to assist you by educating you on normal sleep and feeding patterns, newborn care, your own recovery, and ways for the family to bond with baby.  

Postpartum doulas are individual in what they feel comfortable doing for families.  I will do light housekeeping (vacuum, dust, mom/baby laundry) and meal/snack preparation.  I am not a baby nurse, babysitter, or nanny.  My goal is to take care of the little things you need help with so that you can focus on your baby.

Postpartum time is booked in 2 hour increments with a minimum 10 hour contract.