Childbirth Classes

Why take a childbirth class?

Birth classes prepare you for pregnancy and labor by educating you on all aspects of pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, and the immediate postpartum.

Why not just take the hospital class?

The classes offered by The Journey Within go beyond the typical hospital class.  My classes are evidence-based, with a focus on personal responsibility for your birth.  I cover nutrition for a healthy pregnancy, comfort measures for labor, being an informed birther, unexpected situations, newborn care, and breastfeeding.  

What method do you teach?

I don't subscribe to any particular method, but teach the best information available for you to form your own "toolkit" for labor.  Your situation is unique and I don't believe method-specific childbirth fits everyone.

When should I take classes?

I recommend taking classes early in pregnancy--before 28 weeks to receive the most benefit. Already past 28 weeks?  It's never too late to take a class or make changes!

I offer refresher classes closer to birth for those couples taking classes early in pregnancy.

Private or Group? 

More and more I'm finding that couples are more comfortable taking a class in the privacy of their home, at their convenience.  With private classes, I will tailor them to your needs, covering specific topics that apply to your situation.  You still receive my class binder to review items that we don't discuss in-depth.

Group classes provide the added benefit of interaction with other couples. Often what one person doesn't think to ask, someone else will.